2011 Program

Southern Industrialization Project Meeting

June 3 and 4, 2011
Gulf Park Campus of the University of Southern Mississippi

Friday, June 3


Keynote Address: Angela Lakwete, Auburn University

“Searching for Antebellum Southern Industry”



3:00-4:15pm Panel I

Industrialization in the Nineteenth-Century South

Chair: TBA

John F. Kvach, University of Alabama in Huntsville
“Putting the Shoulder to the Wheel: J.D.B. De Bow’s Vision of an Industrialized South, 1846-1867”

Ian Beamish, Johns Hopkins University
“Rationalizing Lives: Quantifying Slave Labor in the American South”

Lynn A. Wartberg, University of New Orleans
“Rape and Reproduction: Enslaved Women and Antebellum Louisiana”



4:30-5:30pm Panel II

Race and Society in the Early Republican South

Chair: Jon Wells, Temple University

G. Richard Wright, Independent Historian, and Kenneth H. Wheeler, Ohio State University
“Wilson Nesbitt and Moses Stroup’s 1837 Tour of Northern Ironworks:
Industrial Implications for the Lower South”

Patrick Wilson, University of New Orleans
Using Show Biz to Sell Gas: James Caldwell’s St. Charles Theater and Gas Bank of New Orleans, 1835-1842

5:45-6:00pm Beer/Wine Reception on the Beach

Saturday, June 4

9:30-10:45am Panel III

Transportation and Urban Society in the Mid-19th Century South

Chair: Louis Kyriakoudes, University of Southern Mississippi

Matthew Ronal Hall, University of Florida
“Good-by, Mules”: The Construction and Socioeconomic Impact of the First Electric Streetcar System in Montgomery, Alabama”

R. Scott Huffard Jr., University of Florida
“Damnable Conspiracies: Train Wrecking in the Southern Imagination”

John Schneller
“Electrical Power: Its Coming and Role in Revitalizing and Expanding New Orleans, 1880-1920″



11:00am-12:15pm Panel IV

Race and Union Activism in the Early Twentieth Century

Chair: Doug Bristol, University of Southern Mississippi

Michael Mizell-Nelson, University of New Orleans
“Interracial Unionism Meets the Open Shop Drive:
African-American Membership in the New Orleans Carmen’s Union, 1918-1926”

Tyler Green, Temple University
“I Am a White Man and Stand for a White Man’s Country”: The 1909 Georgia Railroad Strike”

Shennette Garrett-Scott, University of Texas
“The Hope of the South”: The New Century Cotton Mill in Dallas and the Paradox of Black Business in the Jim Crow South, 1902-1913


Break for catered lunch

1:30pm-2:45pm Panel V

Race, Labor, and Civil Rights

Chair: Max Grivno, University of Southern Mississippi

Katherine Jewell, Fitchburg State University
“The Political Activism of the Southern States Industrial Council in the 1930s”

Jason Morgan Ward
“Racial Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and the Political Economy of Massive Resistance”

Michael Pierce, University of Arkansas
“Orval Faubus and the Rise of Anti-Union Populism in Wal-Mart Country”

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