Book Series

OSSECS will continue in the tradition of the the Southern Industrialization Project, which sponsored the publication of a series of volumes, “New Currents in the History of Southern Economy and Society”, edited by Susanna Delfino (University of Genoa, Italy) and Michele Gillespie (Wake Forest University), Louis Kyriakoudes (University of Southern Mississippi), and published by the University of Missouri Press. The series aims to offer the most updated perspective on themes of special concern in the economic and social history of the South, and to cover as broad a span of time as possible, depending on the volume theme. Usually, the theme of a SIP conference, or workshop, constitutes the basis around which individual volumes are developed. In this connection, besides the presenters of papers at a conference or workshop, the editors will also invite submissions from experts in the field in order to develop cohesive state of the art productions. The series is largely intended as a teaching tool, primarily for graduate students of southern economic and social history. Volume I, “Global Perspectives on Industrial Transformation in the American South”, was published in 2005; volume II, “Technology, Innovation, and Southern Industrialization” came out in 2008, and a third volume, “Southern Society and its Transformations, 1790-1860.

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