The history of SIP, now OSSECS.

The Southern Industrialization Project (SIP) was founded at Emory University in 1996 by some thirty scholars who sought to foster a greater and more encompassing understanding of the history and culture of industrialization in the American South from the antebellum era to the present.

Born as an informal network of communication among scholars which operated through a discussion list, SIP became a formal organization in 2004 and affiliated with the Southern Historical Association. SIP is part of H-Net as H-Southern Industry, a list counting nearly 300 subscribers as of March 2010. H-Southern Industry is more than a discussion list. It also serves to distribute announcements about SIP events as well as book reviews solicited by SIP.

Through the years, SIP successfully organized annual conferences and panels in Atlanta, Knoxville, Kennesaw, St. Louis, Nashville, as well as workshops in conjunction with the annual meetings of the Southern Historical Association.

SIP is also the sponsor of a series of volumes of collected essays, “New Currents in the History of Southern Economy and Society”, published by the University of Missouri Press and edited by Susanna Delfino (University of Genoa, Italy), Michele Gillespie (Wake Forest University), and Louis Kyriakoudes (University of Southern Mississippi).

In October 2012, the organization vote to change its name to OSSECS, with a revised mission statement.

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