Agenda for 2012 Business Meeting

October 15, 2012 Comments Off on Agenda for 2012 Business Meeting

78th annual meeting of the Southern Historical Association

The Organization for the Study of Southern Economy, Culture, and Society (OSSECS)
formerly the Southern Industrialization Project (SIP)
Business Meeting
Mobile, Friday November 2, 2012
1:30 PM


1 – Reports by the several officers and editors

2 – First Vice-President’s communication

3 – Technical aspects concerning the updating of our constitution

4 – Problems with the University of Missouri Press and actions concerning the identification of a
new publisher for our book series. Issues connected with the editing of the same.

5 – Definition of the title for the OSSECS workshop at the next SHA meeting in St. Louis. Appointment of the Program Committee and scheduling of action.

6 – Proposals for the next stand-alone conference, 2013. Topic, location, etc.

7 – Actions to be taken in connection with the awarding of a prize for the best dissertation on a subject reflective of the spirit of OSSECS (southern economic/social/cultural history), to be
presented at the 2013 conference.

All attendees are warmly encouraged to manifest their opinions, suggestions, and expectations independently of their presently status as members of OSSECS

Members and everyone else who may be interested in knowing more about the actions and aims of our organization are warmly invited to attend.


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